Monday, November 7, 2016

Military Burial Flag Display Case - Army

Vendor: OO
Type: Military Burial Flag Display Case
Price: 104.97

Military Burial Flag Display Case

Gorgeous SOLID WOOD beautiful display case for the proud and honored. Mahogany Finished. The display case can hold an officially sized 5-feet by 9-1/2-feet U.S. flag. A die-cast U.S. Army medallion is elegantly centered on the bottom of this case. The back is designed with an easy open panel. Outside dimensions are 26-Inch wide on base, 18.25" on 2 sides, 13" height, by 3-1/2-Inch. INSIDE : 15.5"X15.5"X22.5"W 

  •  ELEGANT DESIGN:This Solid Wood Mahogany Finish beautiful frame will proudly display your veteran's flag and preserve your memories
  •  Outside dimensions are 26"base X 18.25" sides, 13" top to bottom, 3.5"D, INSIDE : 15.5"X15.5"X22.5"W
  •  For Burial Funeral Flag which is 5'X9.5' flag before folding. Please confirm the size of the flag to store before buying.
  •  Includes one U.S. Army medallion. Gallery Quality
  •  Real Glass front (others carry only with cheap plastic front which is easy to build up scratches with with cloth-wipes). No assembly required, comes in one piece.

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